Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Canon Printer Loyalty Program

The Canon customer Loyalty program is supposed to give a special price (10% discount and free shipping) to customers who previously owned a Canon printer. Beware!!! The bottom line price I was charged for a PIXMA iP6000D ($85.19) did not include the promised discount. The cost was $55.20 more than for the same exact printer form Ritz Camera. Ritz Camera's bottom line cost was ($29.99).

When I spoke to Keith Martin, Canon's sales manager I told him that I was willing to keep the printer if Canon would match the Ritz Camera of $29.99, if not I expected to have Canon provide for the shipping expense for returning my order. He said Canon would take back the printer but the shipping expense would me mine not Canon's.

I have also written to Canon about this issue, but have received no reply.

It's hard for me to believe that Canon can imply that their Loyalty program is offering something special when I can get the same printer from Ritz Camera for $55.20 less.

I had excellent results with Canon printer products for many years. It's the Loyalty program that's poor. Can you blame me for taking issue with Canon's Loyalty Service?